Sunday, April 12, 2009

Promises and Fidelity– not what you have in mind…

The rollercoaster of life tested me last week… Some aren’t worth blogging. However I have to be faithful to the promise I made to my psychotherapist (let us call him MFP- My Friendly Psychotherapist– lol).
Early in my sessions with him, he told he told me that I have to keep a journal of what I am feeling and what I felt during the whole process, this way I would be able to release all my angsts and whatever there is inside me.. I have to combat the “demons” with my mighty pen.. Hey! is pen really mightier than the sword? ha ha
I sheepishly told him: although I am a person who loves my penmanship so much.. ha ha.. blogging is the way to go now, journals are things of the past.. he he–
He quipped, whatever medium I choose, I should keep writing about all of these…
According to him; the more I write and open myself to the world; the more I let go of myself; the more I will discover the meaning of what “this is” all about…
He retold the classic example of the Red Sea- the reason why it is called the Dead Sea- is because of its nature of not ”giving away”– she’s the inlet of all the body of waters around her BUT she doesn’t have an outlet.. She kept on receiving not giving.. He added we human might end up like the dead sea, and be ”walking zombies” if we just kept on keeping all our angst and not letting it go.
The best way to do it? either share it to friends or write about it… Gee! blogging is indeed the way to go– I could write about it and at the same time sharing the experience with friends…
—Side story- I went to National BookStore along Congressional Ave. and I discovered the 2.0 Calligraphy pen– wow! I feel inlove with my handwriting once more…
…using the one with black ink (my favorite ink color) - I wrote my name, aba maganda nga! then I couldn’t stop, I found myself scribbling “the quick brown foz jumps over the lazy dog near the bank of the river”… uhum! — getting better… I grabbed the blue one (this one is the fav ink color of my honey) then I wrote his name..
At the corner of my eye, I saw the salesgirl, she strode so fast, approaching my direction, she’s holding a blunt instrument, I thought she would stop me - err violently, stabbing me in the eye or my delicate writing hand… she’s nearing! must I run away from her or be violent as she is?.. I have to decide fast. Naaahhh!! this is fiction.. he he
As the salesgirl aprroached me, she handed me the same kind of pen, but this one is with red ink– I told her from my schooldays, red inks are used for correcting papers not really for writing.. she gave me a stern look– a signal that I have to try it, else my fiction up there will become a reality– he he– I chuckled..
hummm! this is nice… the black ink, I used in writing my name, the blue was for my honey’s name.. what should I write with this red ink?,,, ting!!.. how about the names of the people who are vexations to my spirit?.. pwede! pwede!.. he he..
I bought it in all available colors… black, blue and red.. and a Mead notebook to complement the pens… Finding the right notepad is also challenging– aba! they do not come cheap ha.. the one I bought costs me 499.75 pesos.. gasgas na naman credit card ko nito.. he he
I am excited for this coming week -to formally write my journal amidst the lakes of Laguna- got the invites from my classmate in International Diplomacy the owner of one of the infamous resorts (destination of the Seven Lakes Tour).
Who can resist free invites?…
Now I’ll have two mediums… my mead notebook and my apple notebook.. ha ha

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