Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am My Own Person-

(Another entry from my friendster blog)

It's March 15, 2009 today, almost a month after I wrote my first blog..
The word YOU here, is an idiomatic expression, it doesn't pertain to a single person only..
Haaayyy! it's just sooooo frustrating that people just couldn't avoid from dipping their fingers into other's sour (as sour as her-LoL) condiments, not contented of their own dipping sauce.
Why can't these people mind their own business? And be productive in their own field... Can you please stop looking at my direction? Why do you always have to zero-ed me out?
Your kind of judgment is biased. For you, damn if I do, damn if I don't...
You can never tell me to stop, this is my blog... my rule, my style...
In this arena, I will be a fierce gladiator ... This is the poison I had chosen...
Drink from my cup.

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