Sunday, April 12, 2009

Badge of Courage

These photos are the bruises all over me-- using my fon camera.. My doctor said these are badges of courage- Because these will remind me of the battle I have to fight bravely.

(as written in my previous blog- the medicine will change the consistency of my blood- and I will be prone to bruises)

Last night, I wasn't able to sleep well... Honestly, it was a horrendous night for me...

But, let me narrate first what "yesterday gave me"... When I woke up, I found 257 unread mails in my inbox from
weddings@works account... and 5mails in my personal account...

Since I am very good lol- in multi-tasking I scanned both accounts-- first the mails from w@w-- since nothing in the forum concerned me, I deleted most, if not all..

Then I checked my personal account- a mail from my kuya, 2 from friendster, 1 from multiply connections and 1-- from the Phil. Consulate in one of the countries located somewhere in the South America..

What? how come? where did they got my address? Is this a spam mail or what...
I read it and viola! they were asking for my resume... they are in search for a Protocol Assistant for the Phil. Consul...
I squinted my eyes many times--- is this for real?

I called the contact number listed on the page and inquired about the e-mail I received.
They said it's NOT A SPAM mail... They got my e-mail addres from the Language Institute- my ability to converse in Spanish, and my background in Diplomatico Internacional attracted them..

The woman behind the phone narrated the requirements, the procedures, and everything...
Dumbfounded, I found myself saying my despidas-- Senora, muchas gracias, usted!
I wanted to jump for joy-- he he-- immediately I checked on my documents... as I go on with my resume- I realized that in 3months time I will be walking down the aisle.. I still have my health concerns, I am still to take the bar--

It was reality check for me... The hiring lady said they need my resume Ahora mismo! and if I will pass the written exam (to test my proficiency in written Espanol Lengua Estranjera) the deployment will be real soon...

I end up in prayer-- I asked for a SIGN-- will I grab this job? the chance to work abroad, in a Phil. consulate?

Or stay in the Phils. wait for my fiancee and get married--

The "strage occurrences" early in the morning might have taken its toll in my "uh-so" fragile health-- I suddenly found myself dizzy (this was already bedtime) and wanted to throw up-- hugged the toilet bowl- I did! (yuck! gross..)

Everything I ate during the day, down the drain--- my yaya hurriedly prepared my orange slivers- for me to suck-- it was my honey who taught her this technique each time I am vomitous...

Am I being sent a negative sign or I still have to wait?

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