Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Battle Begins.. Nope it's not a baby..

Note: this particular blog may be senseless. lot's of grammatical errors and "chubabels"- forgive me I just took 2mg of melatonin (opps! not a toxic drug- just to calm down my nerves)

Just like a gladiator, I have to be wounded before I will show fierce...

I had been to series of tests, Here's the result of their findings, my apology to the readers of my blog; who are not into medical field, nor had not undergo what I am battling now, I find it hard to mention the anatomical part where the disease is located.

Forgive me, just the mere thought of it, suddenly makes me emotional.. a dampen spirit is the least that I want to have...

To be precise, what you're seeing are the images of the tumor- from the 3different hospitals I went to...

Please let me thank the first few who dropped a message of prayer for me, I may not be able to thank them later....

From '92-- Lhing and Aying- muah!, I will meet with you as soon as I could, as long as you keep your promise not to quizzed me on my health conditions.. he he (honestly I don't want to talk about it in person- anything you want to know, I will answer you--but in SMS only.. he he)

2/E Melvin- he is of the same profession as my honey, and having a family member battling the same disease- batch salamat sa comment at sa message... don't worry I will still be around longer.. he he (he's quite worried that I will be gone before his navigation is over-- waaah!)- message ka lang if me signal na...

Dra. Rich- thank you for your words of cheer.

Franz- yup! I will be able to fight this.

Margie-- Thank you Marge, got your message

Atty. Rak's- girl, I will surely visit Dr.Siasu anytime soon...

Bibz and Tata- KKBBHB!!

My cousins--- and nieces-- yep! rarampa pa tayo sa wedding namin.. he he

To my
w@w family-- seafarer2bwed is just a PM away..

Hayyy! It is really nice to know that amidst the treacherous path of life, there are people who'll be willing to lend a hand or at least send a cheer..

While waiting for the result (from Delos Santos Medical) I was communicating with my cousin through SMS, she promised to treat me to dermal cautery if my time permits... I love you kaz I know that you want to cheer me up... Don't worry as promised I will not try chemo.. not so soon... I don't want to be bald: for the sake of vanity... he he

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