Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Valentine Story -not the smoochy kind

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Last Saturday, (Philippine Time).. February 14, 2009, Valentines Day wink..wink.. Having slept very late the night before, I was just pulling and tugging myself to get out of my comfy bed to attend my Consular and Diplomatic Class. The class starts at 9AM and from my “village” it will take me about 1hr ride to reach the venue. I have to be there. I just couldn’t miss; my class, my course-mates, and the speaker for that day.
A week before, my course-mate Gladys (she loves to be called Gagai) told me that her boss, the consul from the Embassy of Israel will be the speaker, she further add that he is muy gwapo!.. (he he) only that he wears his wedding ring.. (this comment sent roars from the ladies of the class)
Going back to Valentine’s Day.. (this blog has nothing to do with smoochy valentines.. lol) I was about 30mins. late for my class that morning (pardon Amb. Manalo the traffic was horrendous .. everybody might have been bitten by the love bug- they’re all out there in the streets) Gagai was right, her boss, the Israeli Consul (err.. what was his name again) is indeed gwapito! (lol) though he speaks English well, still there’s the diction common to an Arabic-Hebrew speaking person.
The discussion was about the Hamas and the terror it brought to Israel, the images he posted in the LCD projector was so graphic, I end up not eating the served snacks for that day.. Who would love to munch on meat burgers while blown-up bodies and human entrails are being flashed before you… abbeeer?!! Though the class started with a very disturbing topic, it ended well and light, we even have pictorials with the gwapito consul.. he he
However, the pictorials inside the class wasn’t enough to relieve the disturbing images we had seen that day, until, one member of the class suggested to have some coffee at the infamous starbucks along Taft Ave.. Off we went… sometime later I received a text message, it appears that someone had seen our wedding announcer site (wedsite for brevity) and she is “OFFENDED” because HER PICTURE WAS NOT AMONG THOSE in our site. My initial reaction was? What was she thinking? Why would her picture be there? SHE”S NOT A MEMBER OF OUR ENTOURAGE, only THOSE WHOM WE HAD CHOSEN TO BE ONE OF OUR BRIDAL PARTY have right to have their pictures posted in that particular page.
Amidst the Wi-Fi enabled coffeeshop, nobody had their notebooks on that day, that’s why I couldn’t check our wedsite, especially on that “controversial page”. I texted my honey whose marine tanker was in anchorage at Texas bay, and inquired about the hullabaloo. Since both of us have access to the site, maybe he made some changes without my knowledge (of course he will never do such a thing)… His response was, “I couldn’t find a solo pic, that’s why I posted that group picture, the reason why she is not there because she’s not a member of our entourage while all those in the group will have their own parts in our wedding. (translated to English for our foreign viewers)
Upon reaching home, I immediately went online, and there I found out that the picture subject of the controversy did not even have a caption as family picture nor it says with the members of his family. Yes, it was a group picture, and her presence is not needed there, because THE CAPTION CLEARLY PERTAINS TO A PERSON IN THAT PICTURE who will be part of Rey’s entourage, Rey was correct in his text, that the reason why he opted for that particular picture was because all of the people in there will have their own parts in our wedding.
Anyway thanks to her, I remembered that our wedsite is still in the process. Even some of my own family, parents and Rey’s mom do not have photo yet, also our Ninangs and Ninongs, and other members of the entourage do not have their photos in our site. If these people who have all the right to have their pictures posted never ever sent me their violent reactions, I just couldn’t grasp the idea, that someone who is not a member of our bridal party CLAIMS SHE IS OFFENDED BECAUSE HER PICTURE WAS NOT POSTED IN OUR SITE. Whoah! I’m appalled! I’m flabbergasted!… fellow w@wies you know where you can post your comments on this… Keep your comments coming…(lol) She even made “call-brigades” accusing me of so many things (tsk! tsk! I pity her and her). Too bad, the people she made the call to, just brushed their shoulders, according to them.. it’s so mababaw.. read shallow.. Sabagay, one need not have superb intelligence, to understand such a sense less tirade
Though it is Valentine, my heart almost broke that day, thinking about the Palestinian-Israel conflict, half across the globe, where hundreds die each day, while here I am faced with this very shallow, sense less, trifles, despicable, moronic, egoistic demand.
In all my case readings, be it Philippine cases or cases decided by foreign courts, never did I encounter a case wherein one is complaining because her picture was not included in the roster, most cases dealt with private pictures being used without the owner’s consent.. and for this yeheyyy! You just made a landmark case, albeit shallow as your demand, still you finally got your 2seconds fame..
Well although, her claims were unfounded, unanchored, base less, simply shallow and do not worth a penny of my time. However, for charity sake, and world peace.. (lol) me and my honey will accommodate her demand to have her picture in our wedsite, she can send her photo whatever size she like. Happy now?
Oppps! Sorry I will not reveal her identity… I had given her 2seconds fame already, she certainly do not deserve more.. Agree??

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